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Powerful Retail Point-of-Sale

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Powerful doesn't have to mean complicated. Increase sales, and productivity with our robust retail point-of-sale system.
Dabney Nursery

Dabney Nursery

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Order Management

Simplify your product list using variations. Speed up your checkout process by searching or scanning across thousands of products in real-time.


Integrated Gift Cards

Grow sales and and gain new customers with our physical and gift card solutions. Create high-resolution plastic gift cards or brand our email and digital cards with your logo.

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Kiosk Mode

Speed up your checkout flow and drive down your operating costs with talech's self-serve ordering mode.

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Retail-CFD Mode.PNG

Customer Facing Display

Provide your customers greater visibility into the purchase flow. Customize the display to engage your customers at the point of purchase with promotions and custom messaging.


Barcode Label Printing

Scan barcodes when products arrive and add them directly into inventory to save time. Create barcodes on talech and print labels on any desktop printer to save money. Scan products to streamline customer checkout.

Retail-Barcode Label Printing.PNG


Audit all inventory changes including sales, returns, additions and subtractions with the Invetory Log report. Understand what's selling and isn't with the PMIX and top sellers reports. Measure your supplier performance with the Supplier report. Track over 25 metrics such as profit margin, markup, revenue and tax contribution.

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Sync daily sales and payment information from talech to your accounting solution. Setup your integration to automatically run daily at the close of your business day.

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Automatic Reports

Stay on top of all your business metrics in your email inbox. Setup daily, weekly or monthly alerts and send them to key decision makers in your business. Choose the format that works best for you.

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